• About Surabhi Jagdish

    About Surabhi Jagdish

    Hi there.

    Thanks for stopping by! I know searching for a therapist can be challenging. The idea of therapist hopping feels daunting; I get it!

    Here’s a little about me to help you make this important decision.

    The Facts

    I graduated from the University of Houston- Clear Lake in 2014 with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.

    I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). But what does that mean?!

    Whether I’m working with just you or your relationship, I pay special attention to all the players in your life.

    I am a second-generation South Asian woman. Being a daughter of immigrants, I understand the complexities of balancing two (sometimes contradicting) cultures.

    My Outlook

    I believe we do the best we can with the tools we have at the time. When the tools stop working like they used to, we start looking for alternatives. And this is the start of a new chapter.

    Working with me looks a little like compassion meets a challenger. My goal is to understand you and learn what you hope for in your life. Growing is messy and brutal sometimes. There are really only 2 options. Option 1: Keep pushing through the way you have been. It’s worked in the past, and sometimes it still works, and it just means coping until it feels okay again. Option 2: Start revealing the pieces which don’t work anymore. I like to call it the “leap of faith” journey. You are taking the leap that you will start to feel better by opening up these spaces. This is a brave and challenging choice. There isn’t a guarantee it will be better, but you’re willing to take the risk. And I believe that your search for more is exactly why you are here, RIGHT NOW.

    Not your Average Therapist 

    I am passionate about helping others and inspiring growth and change. In my own self-work and healing, I learned the best part of my life was waiting on the other side of my fears. For more years than I’d like to admit, I believed something or someone would help make life better. I didn’t realize that the someone I was waiting for was actually me. I KNOW how corny that can sound sometimes, but I genuinely believe we all possess more power than we realize. My hope for you is that we can discover and harness that firepower together.

    We deserve to give ourselves the care and understanding we often give to friends and family. So I make it my mission to help you bring that compassion to yourself. Because I know you deserve it, and you know you do too. When you start to heal and show kindness to yourself, it starts to show up in all the parts of your life.

    Now I want you to know I don’t have the answers to your life and I won’t tell you what to do. But I promise I will be with you to navigate whatever comes up for you. Remember, you have the power within you, and you’re learning the tools to feel empowered and make those moves you want.