• Therapy for First & Second Generation People

    Therapy for First & Second Generation People

    Whoof! It’s a lot being the child of immigrants. On the one hand, you are grateful for the opportunities given! But, on the other hand, it feels heavy, because honestly, you don’t always feel grateful. Maybe most of the time, you feel overburdened. Your parents don’t understand what it’s like growing up here. You’ve tried to express this to them, but they shut you down, point out the obvious, and be grateful because this isn’t how I grew up. 

    Balancing two contrasting cultures isn’t easy, especially when they appear so different. It wasn’t accepted or cool to follow half of the ‘trends’ people have jumped onto growing up. Confusion doesn’t even begin to cover it. Maybe it feels like you should feel connected to these things but don’t. Perhaps you feel resentful because you didn’t grow up being cool and think about how low you could’ve been. Maybe people look at you and expect you to be the unofficial spokesperson for the culture. 

    All of the feelings you experience around having a dual identity are okay. There is space for you in this world, and together we can work to discover how you can feel more comfortable in your own life. You’re not alone in feeling like an outsider, and our goal is for you to feel safe and belong.