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Individual Therapy

There are times when we look for help, and we don't know where to turn. Or potentially worse, maybe there's an overwhelming amount of noise- EVERYONE seems to have an opinion they have to share with you. And it's so overpowering, you can't seem to stop and find out what you think or feel; all the other opinions are the only ones that run through your head.

It can feel incredibly isolating to feel no one understands or wants to try to understand you. We all need support, but sometimes the support we get isn't the kind we need. Or it even possibly comes at a too high of a cost. 

So what can I expect?

We strongly believe that what is going on for you in the present is influenced by the past. So while we are looking at what's happening now, know that pieces from the past will help us figure out what works and hasn't worked, and maybe even why you do what you do. Sometimes this can feel a little directionless, but we promise it all fits together.

Therapy is a lot like doing a puzzle. Think about it, how do you approach a puzzle? We try to sort out the pieces, maybe start off with the edges, and be strategic about it. But as we're busy organizing, we run into a few pieces which we weren't looking for, and they fit together- and we can't ignore them.

Whether you're navigating a challenging time or looking to grow in your life's journey, it's a brave step you are taking. Your choice is bold because it acknowledges and honors your desire for MORE. More Joy, Authenticity, & Vulnerability. Therapy can help us examine what is no longer working and challenge us to look inside ourselves as to why. The bravery it takes to conquer your own inner challenges is one without medals but a lifetime of rewards.

It would be our privilege and honor to witness and help you on your healing journey. If you have any questions or would like to get a glimpse of what therapy might be like, please reach out to us at 713-714-6372 or

We wish you well on your journey.